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Avy learning the "place" command

Avy learning the “place” command

For those of you who do not know, before we became breeders, we were trainers (and still are).  We run a very thriving and successful dog training business called Wasatch Canine Camp.  Because we know the major importance proper training is for puppies to help them become amazing dogs, we like to focus on lots of training before our puppies go home with you.  While they are here with us, we not only work on socialization to people, kids, dogs, cats, farm animals, noises, objects, etc.  We also strongly focus on potty training, crate training, bite inhibition, coming when called, proper manners (no jumping, biting, digging, etc), and more.  We also know that it is important for puppies to continue training after they leave here, otherwise they will loose all of the awesome work we did with them before they go home with you.  So, to help keep them on the right track we include our awesome Private Puppy Training program in the price of our puppies ($350 value) to help you know how to continue working with them and how to keep them on the right track.  You can read more about our awesome private puppy training program, here.

We also have several other awesome training programs to choose from if you would like more intense training for your puppy.  Click on the names of the training programs below to learn more about each of these amazing training options.

Group Obedience Class: 6 weeks of group training for $250 (can attend once puppy is 4 months old or older)
Puppy Starter Camp Level 1: 2 weeks of board and train for $1,500
Puppy Starter Camp Level 2: 3 weeks of board and train for $1,850
Puppy Starter Camp Level 3: 4 weeks of board and train for $2,200
Fully Trained Puppy Camp: 10 weeks of board and train (broken up into 4 weeks of initial training, and 6 weeks of advanced training done at an older age) for $5,995

For More advanced training options once your puppy is 6 months old or older, you have these amazing training programs to choose from:

Oz learning to wait patiently for his food

Oz learning to wait patiently for his food

Group E-Touch: 6 weeks of advanced group class for $600
Private E-Touch: Unlimited private training sessions for $1000
Speedy E-Touch: 4 days of board and train + unlimited private training sessions for $1400
Obedience Camp: 4 weeks of advanced board and train for $2,495

Continued training is highly recommended for your puppy to help insure they are well behaved, well mannered and amazing members of society.  We can help with that, so please let us help you!  Plus, it’s a bonus for us, because we love seeing our puppies again and getting to know you guys better!  For those of you that don’t live in Utah, we are still more than happy to help you as much as we can over the phone and through email.  We can also help you find a trainer near you that can help you with anything from basic to advanced training.


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