Litter A

**In an effort to be as open, honest and responsible as we can.  I want to talk a little bit about this first litter of ours.  I was very new to breeding when I bred this litter, and know that I didn’t do the right research on health clearances before I bred to this sire (Sir Normandy Cach’e of the Wellsvill from BMD Just Like Me in Logan).  I did do OFA hips and elbows on my Lilly in an effort to produce puppies with no health issues (this was before I knew of the other health testing requirements this breed had), and I did ask Norm’s owner if he had his hips and elbows checked by OFA as well.  She said that he had, and that he had good hips.  Me, being the trustworthy person that I am, took her word for it instead of actually double checking to make sure she was telling the truth, and bred him to Lilly.  Shortly after I found out Lilly was pregnant with 7 puppies I found out that Norm in fact DIDN’T have his elbows checked, and had moderate hip dysplasia through OFA.  I was furious.  I called his owner out and she denied everything and called ME the liar.  I was immediately open to my buyers and told them about his hip scores.  I gave them the option to have their deposit back so they could find another breeder.  Some wanted their deposit back, some wanted to stay on the list.  The ones that stayed on the list also had the option that if their puppy did develop hip problems, we would refund their money completely or give them a replacement puppy.  Unfortunately 4 out of the 7 puppies developed hip dysplasia out of this litter, and so far both female puppies in this litter have had to be euthanized because of it.  I am still to this day devastated that these puppies and families were effected by this horrible disease.  Three of the effected families received refunds for their puppies, and one family chose to have a replacement puppy (they now have Hulk from our litter G).  I did, what I felt, the best I could to handle this horrible situation.  I know I learned a very tough and valuable lesson through this process, and in a way I would never change it from happening if I had to, because of what I have learned.  This experience has helped me to become a much more thorough and careful breeder when it comes to my females and the studs I choose.  I plan on only breeding the best that I can from now on, and I hope that you understand the fact that I made a mistake but learned from it and changed because of it.  I hope that this will help you see that I truly want what is best for my dogs and my puppies and will do everything I can to make sure they are healthy, well rounded and everything you could want from a berner. 

Litter A – Born July 2011, 5 males & 2 females.  Registration names for the puppies was “songs with colors in the title” themed.

Norm – Sire

Lilly – Dam


Litter A – 5 weeks old


WCC’s Blue Collar Man (Max) – Lives with the Sansom family in Riverton, UT

Max 1 years old


WCC’s Agent Orange (Crosby) – Lives with the Goar family in Draper, UT

Crosby at 1.5 years


WCC’s Red Baron (Max) – Lives with the Isaacs family in Belen, NM


WCC’s Yellow Ledbetter (Sadie) – Lives with the Idell family in San Antonio, TX

Sadie 1 year old


WCC’s Mr Brownstone (Chief) – Lives with the Meikle family in Logan, UT


WCC’s Vincent Van Gough (Vincent) – Lives with the Alder family in Holladay, UT

Vincent 1 year old


WCC’s Pretty in Pink (Ellie) – Lives with the Rajotte family in Layton, UT


Litter A – 7 weeks old

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