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July 2013, the Monks of New Skete (authors of “The Art of Raising a Puppy” & “How to be Your Dog’s Best Friend“) held their FIRST EVER Puppy Raising Workshop.  The Monks have been perfecting the art of properly raising and socializing puppies for over 45 years.  Workshop attendees were taught about the Monk’s breeding program as well as exactly how they raise, handle, and socialize their puppies.  The Monks gave those in attendance permission to share their unique training methods and information with other high quality, like-minded breeders and trainers.  Bethany and Alan Tracy, owners of Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC and WCC’s Bernese Mountain Dogs were in attendance at the Monk’s first Puppy Raising Workshop.
Beginning with our litter born January 2014, we began implementing the Monk’s of New Skete Puppy Raising Socialization Program.  We can safely say that we were the first Bernese Mountain Dog breeder in the nation to use this unique puppy raising program.  We are confident that this program has helped us raise the best socially and mentally well-rounded puppies possible.———————————————————————————————————
Why Socialization?

    • Socialization gives the dog a bigger world.


    • Socialization gives the dog a bigger brain – literally.


  • Socialization enhances bonding with humans.

The Monk’s of New Skete Puppy  Raising Socialization Program provides specific stimulation and activities implemented systematically and in tandem with the pup’s neurological development to achieve the goal of a well-grounded, well-rounded, socialized dog.  The aim is to enhance the qualities the dog shares with humans to allow for enhancement of the canine/human relationship.

The New Skete Puppy Raising Socialization Program seeks to stimulate the puppy in a way that could not occur were the pup left solely with the dam and littermates.  In essence, we expand the pup’s neural repertoire.  By exposing the pup in systematic ways to a wide range of stimuli the world becomes a systematically less stressful environment.  The importance of these techniques cannot be undervalued, for, a) there is a limited time in which they are effective, and b) the results appear to be permanent.
Puppies raised using the Monk’s of New Skete Puppy Raising Socialization Program will have the confidence level, intelligence, temperament, personality, and intuitive abilities needed to make him/her a valuable companion and family member.  This is a program that takes daily time, dedication, and persistence to work with each puppy individually.  Most breeders are not willing to put in the time and effort this program takes.  However, we are NOT “most breeders” and it shows in the quality of the puppies we raise!
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