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Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC Contract & Bill of Sale

Name: ___________________________________
Home: ___________________________________
Work: ____________________________________
Cell:  ____________________________________
E-mail Address: _______________________________________________
Address: __________________________________
City:  _____________________________________
State: _____________________________________
Zip: ________________________

 Sale Price: 

Required Registration Name for the Puppy: 

Sire:                                                                                                 Registration #:
Dam:                                                                                               Registration #:
Date of Birth:
Registration Status: LIMITED

BUYER’S AGREEMENT (Please initial next to each line)

  • I agree that the puppy is being bought for myself and will not be sold, adopted, or given to another party.  _________
  • I agree that this puppy is to be a companion animal, not a guard dog. The dog will live inside my home, not outdoors.  _________
  • I agree to care for the puppy in a humane manner and be a responsible animal guardian. This includes supplying adequate food, water, shelter, attention, and medical care.  _________
  • I agree to follow Seller’s vaccine protocol listed below. ________
  • If the puppy has LIMITED registration, I agree that I will spay/neuter the dog before their 1st birthday, and that they will not be used for breeding. ________
  • I agree that if at any point I cannot keep the puppy, I will return him/her to Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC with a surrendering fee of $75.  _________
  • I understand and agree that Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC makes no guarantees about the puppy ‘s temperament and is not responsible for future damages or injuries caused by the dog.  _________
  • I give Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC permission to call my home at any reasonable time to assure that the puppy is being properly treated and cared for.  _________
  • I agree to keep Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC informed of my current home address and phone number.  ______
  • I agree to keep the puppy on leash at all times when outdoors, except for in secure fenced in areas. _____
  • I agree to feed the puppy a holistic, raw, or home cooked diet. _________
  • I agree to complete the three puppy training sessions with Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC that is included in the sale price. ______**Out of sate buyers must complete a training program with an approved trainer**
  • I am aware that this puppy has a 3 year health guarantee. If any major health issues happen to the puppy (dysplasia, PRA, cataracts, or heart defects, etc), then Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC will provide a replacement puppy of equal value out of the next available litter agreeable to both parties.  _________
  • I understand that even though Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC does all the necessary health checks on their dogs, they cannot control whether or not this Puppy gets dysplasia or other genetic diseases. _________

I agree that all statements I have made on this form are true.  If it is found that any statements I have made on this form are not true the puppy can be confiscated. 

The Buyer asserts that they have adequate facilities to care for the Puppy including a fenced yard or other responsible plan to provide a safe environment for exercise, and agrees to provide reasonable care and concern for the Puppy, providing adequate food, socialization, shelter, and routine veterinary care. Failure to adequately provide for the Puppy’s welfare, such as but not limited to failure to provide sufficient nutritious foods or to provide a reasonably safe and enriched environment, voids any and all guarantees for replacement.

This Puppy must be spayed or neutered before their 1st birthday.  Buyer further agrees to not use this Puppy to sire or whelp any litters.

  1. The Buyer agrees to have a licensed veterinarian spay or neuter this Puppy at their own expense prior to the Puppy’s 1st The Buyer is to provide written proof of sterilization to the Seller, from the veterinarian, before the Puppy’s 1st birthday.
  2. If the Puppy is one year or older at the time of sale, the Buyer must have the Puppy spayed or neutered and send written proof to Seller within 10 business days of the sale date.
  3. The Buyer understands that failure to sterilize the Puppy within the time specified will result in a penalty of $1,000 to be paid immediately. Failure to properly notify the Seller of the sterilization of the Puppy may result in the same $1,000 penalty.  The buyer will be penalized an additional $2,000 if the Puppy is permitted to breed as a result of non-compliance with this agreement.

Buyer agrees to vaccinate puppy according to Seller’s vaccine protocol.  Seller’s vaccine protocol is: Puppy will receive their first set of Distemper + Parvovirus vaccine no sooner or later than 10 weeks of age.  Puppy will receive their second set of Distemper + Parvovirus vaccine 4 weeks later at 14 weeks of age.  Puppy may receive an optional third set of Distemper + Parvovirus vaccine at 20 weeks of age, but Seller does not recommend giving Puppy the 3rd set.  Puppy will receive a 1 year rabies vaccine at 20 weeks of age or older.  Puppy will receive Distemper + Parvovirus vaccine booster at the age of 1.  3-4 weeks after receiving Distemper + Parvovirus vaccine booster, Puppy will receive a Rabies vaccines booster, good for 3 years.  Buyer will perform vaccine antibody titers for distemper and parvovirus every three years thereafter, or more often, if desired. Buyer will vaccinate for rabies virus according to the law, except where circumstances indicate that a written waiver needs to be obtained from the primary care veterinarian.  In that case, a rabies antibody titer can also be performed to accompany the waiver request.

This Puppy is guaranteed against development of Hip Dysplasia, as determined by a board certified radiologist acceptable to the Seller, or by radiographic certification by an accredited agency such as PennHIP, OFA etc by the age of 2 years. The Buyer agrees not to engage in advanced training events with the Puppy that would place undue strain on the growth plates and joints until a minimum of 18 months is attained, or this Hip Dysplasia warranty is voided. Such training would include, but is not limited to, Agility, Schutzhund, Obedience of CDX level or higher, or any other training regimen which would require the Puppy to repeatedly jump any height above 12″ prior to the age of 18 months.

This Puppy is further warranted against the development of genetic defects such as PRA, cataracts, or heart defects for a term of three years. In the event that this Puppy must be replaced, the Buyer shall have the right to replacement with a puppy of equal value out of the next available litter agreeable to both parties. In such circumstance, the Buyer has the option to either return the original Puppy or neuter/spay it and provide proof of neuter/spay to the Seller before the replacement will occur.  Said replacement is the sole remedy of the Buyer; and all necessary transportation costs to effect this replacement are the responsibility of the Buyer.

The Seller asserts that the Buyer has been apprised of the importance of health testing any Puppy intended for breeding purposes.  The Buyer agrees never to use the Puppy for breeding unless it has been certified free of Hip Dysplasia. If the Puppy should fail its health clearances and the Buyer should opt to use the Puppy for breeding anyway, Buyer understands that they immediately forfeit the right to any replacement. 

In the event of circumstances which would force the Buyer to give up the dog, such as but not limited to loss of home, catastrophic illness, financial crisis etc, the Buyer agrees never to surrender the puppy to any animal shelter or rescue organization, instead Buyer must return the Puppy to the Seller, who will then arrange for suitable rehoming as possible.  Upon return of said puppy, Buyer will be charged a $75 surrendering fee for the return of the puppy.

Deposits are non-refundable.  If Buyer placed a deposit on a puppy before it was born, and once the puppies were born the Buyer’s desired sex was not available, Seller will hold deposit until next available litter.  If Buyer placed a deposit on a puppy before they were born, and Buyer’s desired markings, temperament, etc was not available in the litter, Seller will hold deposit until next available litter.  If Buyer’s puppy passes away before the final sale and pick-up of puppy (was the runt of the litter, couldn’t get enough milk, fading puppy syndrome, etc), Seller will hold deposit until next available litter.  Seller will take every precaution necessary to ensure the puppy is healthy, well cared for, healthy, gaining weight, and eating well prior to the final sale and pick-up of the puppy.

BREACH OF AGREEMENT: Buyer shall be deemed in breach of this agreement for any of the following actions: (If this contract is breached by the Buyer, then Seller has the right to repossess this Bernese Mountain Dog)

  • Buyer does not spay/neuter this Bernese Mountain Dog prior to Puppy’s 1st birthday, unless given written permission from Seller to allow the Puppy more time to grow and develop.
  • Buyer allows this Bernese Mountain Dog to be bred either to another Bernese Mountain dog, a cross breed,  or a Purebred dog of another breed.
  • Buyer fails to properly care for this Bernese Mountain Dog, or fails to follow any recommendations made by Seller regarding the proper care of this Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • This Bernese Mountain Dog has been neglected or abused in any way.
  • This Bernese Mountain Dog expires in the care of the Buyer due to neglect or abuse.
  • There is any conflict between Buyer and Seller in regards to any part of this contract/agreement.
  • If Buyer fails to perform any duties specified in this contract/agreement.

This agreement is binding only between the listed parties, and no part of this agreement is transferable to any other party. All parties undersigned agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

___________________________________            Date: ____________

Buyer’s Signature 


Please PRINT Buyer’s Name                                      

___________________________________                      Date: _____________
Owner of Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC’s Signature

Thank you for choosing Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC’s Bernese Mountain Dog puppies.  We wish for the best with you and your new companion.  Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC is always available to help you and your dog with obedience training and/or behavior training.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us at anytime.

Phone: 801-735-1978
E-mail: bbarnes@wasatchcaninecamp.com
Website: www.wasatchcaninecamp.com

We would like to ask you a favor…
Please, if you are happy with our puppies, tell your friends, family, and your veterinarian.  Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC is based strongly on word of mouth and if you are ever not happy, your first phone call should be to us.  We are highly committed to your satisfaction and your dog’s quality of life

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