Updates on Fall/Winter 2013 litters …. again

Posted by on January 22, 2014

Well, last time I wrote with puppy news, we had just found out that the AI breeding on Ella didn’t take, and that we had just bred Luna to Briggs and had an accidental breeding between Cedar & Axel.  Thankfully the breeding between Cedar and Axel didn’t take (hallelujah!), which I am very happy about because both of them were way too young to be having puppies anyway!  We thought that the breeding between Luna & Briggs hadn’t taken either, because we did two ultrasounds on Luna and came back each time with no puppies.  Well, a couple nights ago I was relaxing on the couch, and Luna was on the floor in front of my sleeping on her back, belly up.  I glanced down and noticed that her belly was moving… A LOT!  So, off to the vet we went for an xray.  Low and behold, she is pregnant after all!  She only has one puppy in there, which is why it took us so long to notice, and I am lucky I looked at her belly when I did because I may not have ever noticed.  She doesn’t look pregnant since there is just one in there.  We are just thrilled with the fact that she has least has one!  One is better than none!  

She is scheduled for a c-section this coming Saturday January 25th.  Fingers crossed for a successful surgery and a healthy puppy!  Since we were already hoping to keep a nice puppy from this litter, we don’t know if this puppy will be going to someone on our hold list yet.  We want to see first, if it is a female (if it’s a male it will be sold to a family on our hold list), and if it is a female we will be evaluating her as she gets older to see if she will even be a good match as a breeding/show female when she is older.  So, keep checking back to see pictures of this pup and to see her grow!  We are excited! 

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